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Beer Drones Deliver Unique Branding Potential

Posted by: Nick Awbrey on May 09, 2013

Oppikoppi Festival

A unique challenge to music festival organisers is creating a brand the young demographic generally views as cool and exclusive. The South African music festival Oppikoppi has unveiled a concept that will not only combat inconveniently long lines, but also establish the Oppikoppi experience as enjoyable and unique.

Oppikoppi organisers plan to allow its concert goers to order beer via their smartphones. The beer is then delivered via drones which drop the beers into the crowd of concert goers. Although currently manually controlled, the drones will eventually deliver beer based on the consumers’ GPS location.

The video demonstrating the beer drone has generated great interest since its publication on YouTube. The Oppikoppi festival has enjoyed an increase in brand awareness internationally, with its relatively simple drone demonstration racking up over 82 000 views and numerous mentions by the international press.

Of course, ensuring that a beer can being dropped by a drone at altitude into a large crowd accurately and safely may prove challenging. However if these challenges can be overcome, drone delivery has the potential to increase brand value by providing the associating brands in question with innovation and the ever elusive “cool factor.”

In the end, beer drones may prove to be impractical. However Oppikoppi has already won in the brand game by captivating its audience and positioning itself as the edgy and definitive authority on cool.

Nick Awbrey is a Consultant for InterbrandSampson.

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