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Interbrand Hosts World Changing Speakers

Posted by: Rachel Kessman on September 05, 2013

World Changing SpeakerInterbrand New York continued its World Changing Speakers Series this year, hosting industry leaders speaking about their work. Launched originally to bring together professionals to share knowledge and insights, twelve more speakers joined us this year, representing cultural movers whose work intersects branding in unconventional and innovative ways.

We've been excited to host:

World Changing Speaker Series 9/14/12: David Art Wales, Founder, Ministry of Culture

In 2000, after serving as the host of a TV show in his native Australia during the 1980s, David Art Wales moved to New York to work as a cultural forecaster for Toyota during the 1990s. Ministry of Culture delivers broadcast-quality consumer insights that can be repurposed as consumer-facing content. Wales believes that research and content will ultimately merge, and that their process is the way of the future, creating authentic engagement with consumers and making better use of clients’ budgets. For more information, check out ministryofculture.com.

World Changing Speaker Series 9/28/12: Jeff Zemetis, Webby Talks

As the leading International award for digital excellence, The Webby Awards recognizes the best of the Web annually from nearly 10,000 entries. Webby Talks is their view into the ever-changing landscape of what’s happening online, and what it means, designed to provoke and inspire. For more see webbytalks.com.

World Changing Speaker Series 10/19/12: Rob Forbes, founder, Design Within Reach and PUBLIC Bikes

We were thrilled to host TED Talk headliner Rob Forbes, founder of Design Within Reach and PUBLIC Bikes as he shared his passion for design and how he brings high design to the general public. PUBLIC's vision is "that more of our urban streets and sidewalks get reclaimed for walking and biking, and that our public spaces are developed for better human interaction and conversation. We'd like to see a closer personal connection between residences with shops, parks, cafes and libraries. We’d like to see streets safe enough for kids and old folks to get around on foot or on a bike. The quality and usage of our public spaces is the measure of the success of our democracy. This is why we call ourselves PUBLIC. We want to help in our own way." For more see publicbikes.com.

World Changing Speaker Series 11/16/12: Armin Vit, Co-founder, Underconsideration

Underconsideration is a graphic design enterprise that runs a network of blogs, publishes books, organizes live events, judges design work and designs for clients. Vit’s presentation provided an inside look at the growth of Brand New, the blog, from its inception in 2006 to 2012, including the good, the bad and the ugly and how its popularity spun off an annual conference and design competition. For more visit underconsideration.com.

World Changing Speaker Series 11/30/12: Barry Schneider, CHAIRMAN & CEO, LOYAL3

Barry Schneider is a UCLA graduate with more than 30 years of experience in investing in and leading high growth companies. Previously, he was Chairman & CEO of MacGregor Golf Company, Chairman & CEO of MSA Industries, which was sold to DuPont in 1996, and the Managing Partner at The Parkside Group, LLC. LOYAL3 developed a web and social media platform enabling public companies to sell stock directly to customers on Facebook or a company website to create more loyal consumers. This highly scalable platform is called a Customer Stock Ownership Plan, or CSOP™. The company is committed to democratizing the market, creating a deeper and more emotional connection between brands and consumers. To learn more see loyal3.com.

World Changing Speaker Series 1/11/13: Jakob Trollbäck, Founder, Trollbäck + Company

Trollbäck + Company is an award-winning studio focused on communicating ideas and engaging audiences across multiple platforms. With an eclectic mix of designers, technologists, strategists and creative directors, the group produces branding campaigns, digital experiences and commercial advertising for a diverse range of clients. A self-taught designer from Sweden, Jakob Trollbäck began his artistic career as a DJ in his native Stockholm. Having found a commonality in music and design, Trollbäck creates pieces that transport his audience to planes of sensorial experience. He is an acknowledged industry leader in both branding and motion graphic design and has had his work featured in The New York Times, Creativity Online and Print Magazine. Visit trollback.com.

World Changing Speaker Series 1/16 /13: Special Installment, Changing Our World

The senior leadership team from Changing Our World, an Omnicom sister-agency, joined Interbrand for a special Wednesday lunch and World Changing Speaker Series talk. Changing Our World is a philanthropic consulting firm working with nonprofits and corporations to assist them in achieving philanthropic goals. The team represented the four divisions of the company: Fundraising, Corporate Social Engagement, Digital and Research & Analytics. See changingourworld.com for more.

World Changing Speaker Series 1/18/13: Willy Wong, Chief Creative Officer, NYC & Company

NYC & Company is New York City’s official marketing, tourism and partnership organization and Willy Wong oversees its global branding, advertising and new-media development. His work has netted several prestigious honors, including the People’s Voice Webby Award in 2010. Since 2006, he has led the creative vision and strategy for global branding, advertising and design of major NYC initiatives, campaigns, services, products and programs. Wong also serves as President of AIGA/NY and an advisory board member to SXSW Interactive. He received his MFA from Yale University and AB from Dartmouth College. For more information see nycandcompany.org.

World Changing Speaker Series 1/25/13: Kathryn Minshew, Founder & CEO, The Daily Muse

Prior to founding The Muse, a community designed to empower women in their career journeys, and its career advice blog, The Daily Muse, Kathryn Minshew worked on vaccine introduction in Rwanda and Malawi with the Clinton Health Access Initiative and previously worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. The Muse has grown from its original mission to be a community for young women passionate about their careers to include women and men of all ages, looking for career changes, transitioning to civilian life after military service, returning to work and more. The Daily Muse offers advice and support within this growing and evolving community. Minshew has now appeared on and in CNN, Fast Company, PBS, Forbes’ 30-Under-30 in Media and INC’s 15 Women to Watch in Tech. Visit thedailymuse.com.

World Changing Speaker Series 2/22/13: Adam Braun, Founder & CEO, Pencils of Promise

Adam Braun is the Founder and CEO of Pencils of Promise, an award-winning nonprofit organization that has built more than 100 schools across Africa, Asia and Latin America and delivered more than 4 million educational hours in its first four years. PoP was founded with just $25 using Braun’s unique “For-Purpose” approach to blending nonprofit idealism with for-profit business principles. In 2012, he was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 List. Braun began his career in finance, until he met a young boy begging on the streets and asked him what he wanted most in the world. The answer- “A pencil.” He then traveled through 50+ countries, focusing on educational systems and launched Pencils of Promise. Braun was selected as one of the first ten World Economic Forum Global Shapers and has been featured at the United Nations, Clinton Global Initiative, Google Zeitgeist, Mashable’s Innovation Index and Wired Magazine’s 2012 Smart List of 50 People Changing the World. Visit pencilsofpromise.org to learn more.

World Changing Speaker Series 3/8/13: Margie Dillenburg, Co-founder, Invisible Children

Margie Dillenburg spoke about Invisible Children's mobilization and engagement model and how the path was laid for Kony 2012, which ultimately became the most viral video in history. She discussed the ethos of the organization, the theories and ideals its members were relentlessly committed to, the challenges post-Kony and the methods behind creating multiple campaigns that have engaged and activated students around the world on unprecedented levels. Check out invisiblechildren.com.

World Changing Speaker Series 4/12/13: Gene Gurkoff, Founder, CharityMiles

Charity Miles, believing a small group of committed people can change the world, created an app where every mile (and every story) matters. Organizations like (RED), Nature Conservancy, Feeding America and Pencils of Promise participate in the challenge. The Charity Miles app was the winner of the SXSW People's Choice Award and was one of Mashable's Top 5 Fitness Apps for 2013. Visit charitymiles.org.

Stay tuned for updates on our soon to launch Fall 2013 - Spring 2014 season of World Changing Speaker Series events. 

Rachel Kessman is Interbrand's Marketing Associate, North America.

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