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Smart Characterises Smart

Posted by: Laura Tarbox on October 28, 2013


They say "knowledge is power," but in Zoopla’s case it really is. The property search brand that lets home-hunters (or just nosy neighbours) get the inside scoop on houses across the UK and beyond has just launched a new integrated marketing campaign called "Smart Knows," which aims to demonstrate the power of its website in helping potential buyers make smarter decisions.

However, the really clever part lies in the brand’s characterisation of the very concept of "smart." Rather than focus on the property market and the comparative benefits of Zoopla, the brand shifts the spotlight onto bold characterisations of what they think constitutes a "smart" searcher.

The effect is incredibly provocative. Intelligence is a cornerstone of the human ego, and acceptance and recognition from others are basic human needs. With headlines like "Smart searches on the move" and "Smart unlocks the mysteries of the neighbourhood," the ads challenge beholders to recognise themselves in it, and instil an element of self-satisfaction in those who do.

Indeed, what’s really nice about these characterisations and the sentiment of the whole campaign is that in many instances the idea transcends just property – in the 21st century, smart really does "do" on the move; it really does do its research.

It’s a powerful idea, and one that we're glad to see Zoopla capitalise on. Here, the brand’s implied proposition of "smarter property search" burrows its way into its very fibre. It’s no longer a laundry list of customer benefits, but part of their very DNA. And, indeed, if Zoopla is as smart as it says it is, then surely it has as much right to a point of view as the rest of us. After all, smart is as smart does.

Laura Tarbox is a Consultant, Brand Strategy, at Interbrand London.

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