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Closing the Gap: World-Changing Brands Must Find Their Corporate Citizenship Voices

Posted by: Interbrand on January 16, 2014
Sustainability and Technology

This has been a big week of innovation and exploration. Some of the biggest global brands gathered in Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2014) and are now in Detroit for the annual auto show (The North American International Auto Show). 

At CES, brands talked product development and unveiled gadgets that demonstrate a maturing of technology introduced last year. They further explored the possibilities for the connected ecosystem, bringing together everything from our ovens to our watches to make our lives easier. 

One thing brands didn't talk up much, as Interbrand's Lucas Piazza noted in his recent blog post, It's Time for World-Changing Tech Brands to Talk Corporate Citizenship, was the connection between their innovations and what they mean for sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The latest issue of Interbrand's Closing the Gap: The Value of Corporate Citizenship looks at this conversation and the big picture of what's happening now in branding and Corporate Citizenship news.

With research indicating 88 percent of Generation Y, aka Millennials, state they make employment choices based on a company's CSR values and 86 percent say they would consider leaving a company if its Corporate Citizenship values no longer met expectations, it's clear that to attract new talent businesses must have strong voices when it comes to their values and initiatives. Recent studies also find 42 percent of consumers base their feelings about a company on its Corporate Citizenship. The impact of CSR on brand perception is clear.

The ROI of investing in world-changing initiatives for brands is clear in many of the stories curated in this issue from how one hospital is saving money thanks to its investment in sustainability to how companies are reducing financial risks when their actions clearly have a positive impact on society. We truly believe that brands have the power to change the world. Share your take on the value of Corporate Citizenship and its role in branding with us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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