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Credendo: Turning Uncertainties into Opportunities

Posted by: Interbrand on February 19, 2014
Credendo Group

Emerging from the tumult of WWI, The Belgian Ministry of Economic Affairs created Delcredere Committee in 1921. The world’s second-oldest credit insurer fostered international trade relations amid political risks.

Throughout the company’s storied history, the company has seen incredible growth. From becoming Office National du Ducroire | Nationale Delcrederedienst in 1939, or ONDD for short, to expanding across Europe with joint ventures, new branches and investments in the last decade, ONDD was now facing complex challenges as a master brand.

With diverse sub-brands, a clear brand architecture was needed. Partnering with Interbrand to create a brand positioning that would differentiate ONDD in the industry, be forward-looking and communicate its focus on customers, an extensive research process was undertaken.

With both internal and external insights, a solid picture of the brand’s strengths emerged. “Turning Uncertainties into Opportunities,” became the centerpiece of the new brand definition.

Building on the brand’s history and paving the way for its future, compelling new brand positioning called for an equally compelling name. ONDD’s dual name, Ducroire | Delcredere, the French and Flemish, represent Belgian traditions. This duality inspired the crafting of a name forged from the Latin roots for “belief” and “credit” that could create a unified and dynamic masterbrand: Credendo.

With a powerful name and definition, a strong visual identity was needed. Speaking to its customer-focused approach, the new logo evokes a sense of custom tailoring with a stitching effect, warm colors and a sophisticated feel.

Credendo's website timeline notes the rebranding: “Consolidation as the Credendo Group, more powerfully articulating the shared values, approach and strength of its companies.”

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