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Posted by: Interbrand on March 20, 2014

People around the world are changing their attitudes, behavior and consumption patterns to support products and services that shift toward a sustainable global economy that promises better health and dignity for all. Brands that embrace this shift are seeing positive results across multiple levels of their businesses. With CSR at the heart of everything they do, a willingness to experiment with new models, and a commitment to redesigning every aspect of their business, its no wonder that, as Triple Pundit points out, Corporate Citizenship enhances performance, recruitment, and sales growth.

From sharing food and gratitude with FEED at SXSW to surveying the powerful ripples of the “CVS Effect,” Interbrand’s March newsletter supplies the information and inspiration you need to help you accelerate change. Highlighting the link between CSR and financial performance, the encouraging impact of CVS’s decision to end tobacco sales, and TOM’s decision to expand its “one for one” model into the coffee business, our Corporate Citizenship outlook focuses on the stories that are moving the needle and companies that are making a difference.

To find out more about how to align personal and corporate values, how to take CSR initiatives to the next level, and learn more about the “Diffusion of Innovations” theory in action, check out this month’s installment of Closing the Gap!

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