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Lowe’s Renovates Reality with Virtual Showroom

Posted by: Mark Dwyer on June 17, 2014

Never stop improving. Lowe’s is clearly targeting house-proud consumers with its tagline, but the North American retailer is demonstrating its own commitment to progress by boldly going where no home-improvement brand has gone before.

With the launch of the Holoroom concept in Toronto, Lowe’s is revolutionizing the in-store customer experience. The 30-foot-by-30-foot augmented reality space gives customers a startlingly realistic 3-D depiction of their finished renovation projects—before they start tearing down walls.

By dramatically improving customers’ ability to visualize the outcome, they are more likely to move ahead with renovation projects. Couples can agree on what they like or don’t like before they purchase and install items. They can try on multiple approaches to their renovations, risk-free, in a unique extension of the Lowe’s 3-D augmented reality mobile app.

With the Holoroom, the Lowe’s Innovation Labs team has brought a novel version of augmented reality to the shopping experience. Inspired by science fiction, it has also proven science pundits wrong for predicting that the first real-life version of Star Trek’s Holodeck would not materialize until 2024. Kudos, Lowes, for being that far ahead of schedule.

—Mark Dwyer is Director, Verbal Identity, for Interbrand Canada

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