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World Changing Speaker Series: A Stage for Storytelling and Inspiration

Posted by: Vandana Ayyar on Tuesday, July 29 2014 05:12 PM

World Changing Speaker Series

Interbranders gathered to watch Yash Egami, Director of Content at The One Club, as he spoke about new trends in advertising, design, and digital.

Interbrand New York picked up the World Changing Speaker Series right where it left off last year, by bringing in front-runners from a variety of industries. The series provides a space for these leaders to talk about their line of work and give insight into their successes, goals, and what has led them to their profession.

What was originally a platform for professionals to network, has now transformed into a stage for creative minds, from fields different from our own, to share their stories, energy, and inspiration.

This year, we have been excited to host:

World Changing Speaker Series, 09/20/14: Stephen Messer, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, Collective [i]

Stephen Messer is the co-founder and Vice Chairman of Collective[i], the first Big Data network built around technology that delivers enterprise-wide analyses curated and developed by the world’s leading data scientists. Prior to Collective[i], Stephen, along with his sister, Heidi Messer, founded, built, and managed LinkShare Corporation until its sale in 2005 to Rakuten for $425 million. Stephen has been recognized for his contributions in the marketing industry and spoke with us on September 20th about what led him onto this path.


World Changing Speaker Series, 10/25: James Wu, Head of Branding and Creative, Acumen 

Brooklyn local, James Wu, spoke about his role as the Head of Branding and Creative at Acumen, a non-profit organization whose mission is to change the way the world tackles poverty by investing in companies, leaders, and ideas. Since its founding in 2001, Acumen has invested $83 million in 75 companies throughout South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, creating 58,000 jobs and impacting more than 100 million lives. James led a global rebranding of Acumen, including a strategic renaming and repositioning of the organization, the co-authoring of a new mission statement and manifesto, the development of a new logo and visual identity, and the production of a new website. The rebranding received praise from the likes of Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Creative Review, Design Week, and Brand New. James’ work in many facets of the advertising industry led him to his position at Acumen. Work he has produced for Acumen has been featured by YouTube, ABC News, GOOD, Design Observer, Core77, Brain Pickings, and Swiss Miss. To learn more about Acumen, visit: acumen.org. 

World Changing Speaker Series, 12/06: Yash Egami, Director of Content, The One Club 

Yash Egami is known for his role as the Director of Content at The One Club, which is a non-profit dedicated to recognizing excellence in advertising and promotion. They have four awards a year and James came and spoke with us on December 6th about the new categories in this year's One Show. He also discussed some of the trends in advertising, design, and digital that were evident in the work of last year's winners. From watching contestants’ inclinations to seeing what judges and audiences are attracted to, James has a clear view on what’s hot in advertising and how the field is evolving. His presentation included long-format commercials, case study films, and big ideas that inspired new waves of creativity. To learn more about The One Club, visit: oneclub.org.

World Changing Speaker Series, 02/07: Tucker Viemeister, Industrial Designer and Owner, Viemeister Industries

Tucker Viemeister is famous on the shelves of your home and favorite stores for his industrial design and creative solutions. Best known for the OXO Good Grip kitchen tools designed with Smart Design (a company he helped found in 1979), he has been both wildly successful and wildly innovative throughout his career. He is a multidisciplinary industrial designer—his firm, Viemeister Industries, explores creative solutions without borders. From traditional to new media, he designs things, places, and experiences for clients such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Cuisinart, Black & Decker, Viking, J&J, Timex, Levi’s, Phat Farm, Joe Boxer, Nestlé, Unilever, Motorola, Toshiba, Sharp, Seibu, Toyota, Nike, Knoll, Steelcase, Kate Spade, JetBlue, Cosmopolitan Casino, Yotel, Venice Biennale, and the NYC Board of Education. Tucker’s work is displayed in MoMA and he has earned many prestigious awards, including the first Presidential Design Award. He teaches at Parsons, writes, holds 32 utility patents and is the Vice President of the Architectural League. To take a look at his work, visit his website: tuckerviemeister.com. 

World Changing Speaker Series, 02/21: Michael Zakarin, Musician and Entrepreneur, The Bravery

Michael is known for his experience in the entertainment industry, having worked ten years on both the artistic and business sides of it. After graduating from Georgetown University, he returned home to New York City to pursue a career in the music business. He worked in the marketing and video department of a major record label during the day, and at night he wrote music and rehearsed with the band that would become The Bravery. Michael’s gift for detecting fundamental shifts in the music industry has allowed him to create success both on and off of the stage. His band released three albums on a major label, achieved two gold records, three top ten radio singles, and toured over 50 countries—but he also led the group’s marketing efforts and managed the band’s brand equity. He explored and introduced new channels to promote his music and marketed his band as an entirely new brand. Michael continued to pursue his interest in entrepreneurship and growing brands, co-founding a company that links investors with early-stage technology startups. To learn more about The Bravery, visit: thebravery.com.

World Changing Speaker Series, 03/14: Cedric Terrell, Photographer and Owner, Cedric Terrell Photography

Cedric is both a seven-year Marine Corps veteran and a rising star in the photography scene coast to coast. His style encapsulates social norms and then quickly shatters them. He sees photography as a form of empowerment for his subjects and clients. From headshots and lifestyle spreads to fashion and commercial shoots, Cedric has catapulted Cedric Terrell Photography to an internationally recognized brand that¹s been featured in an array of critically acclaimed publications. Cedric spoke with us about his experiences on March 14th.  For more information about Cedric Terrell Photography, visit: cedricterrell.com.

World Changing Speaker Series, 04/11: Tim Riley, Director of Online Experience, Warby Parker 

Tim Riley is the Director of Online Experience for Warby Parker, where his goal is to make shopping for eyewear online as easy and fun as possible. He spoke to Interbrand about Warby Parker’s earlier days and the feasibility of its still-evolving business model. Prior to Warby Parker, Tim had been working on enhancing the customer experience for many products and clients. Tim has been developing strategy for clients such as Volkswagen, Audi, Walgreens, and Kaplan University, aiming to engage consumers and enhance the overall customer experience. For more information about Warby Parker, visit: warbyparker.com.

World Changing Speaker Series, 04/25: Ermin Siljkovic, Manhattan Recycling Outreach Coordinator, GrowNYC

Ermin Siljkovic spoke to Interbrand about his time growing up in New York City. Ermin has always wondered how communities can cooperate to make life in the big city a more wholesome experience. His passion continued to grow throughout school and even more so when he began working at GrowNYC, where he helped set up recycling programs in New York City Housing Authority buildings. Ermin is currently working with building residents and managers throughout Manhattan to devise effective strategies for diverting waste from landfills toward reuse, recycling, and compost. Taking a community-by-community, block-by-block, building-by-building approach, Ermin Siljkovic of GrowNYC’s Office of Recycling Outreach and Education strives to inform NYC residents not only on the “how-tos” of recycling but the “whys” and the importance of understanding waste as it relates to our health, economic, and environmental well-being. For more information about GrowNYC, visit: grownyc.org.

World Changing Speaker Series, 05/09: Drew Chafetz, Co-Founder and CEO, love.fútbol

Drew Chafetz was born and raised with a soccer ball at his feet. His family helped nurture his love of the sport by taking him to see games in many nations where he was also exposed to many cultures. In 2005, while traveling through a remote town in Morocco, Drew came across children playing the game he loved under dangerous circumstances. The following year, Drew put his business and economics degree (and his heart) to the test and went on to co-found and run love.fútbol, a nonprofit/social enterprise that partners with and empowers underserved communities to create simple soccer fields for youth. This nonprofit creates safe places for kids to play the game and stay active. love.fútbol has catalyzed fifteen community-driven soccer field projects throughout Guatemala and Brazil, which all serve as hubs for social programs and enterprise, providing a safe place to play for over 13,000 youth. For more information about love.fútbol, visit: lovefutbol.org

After such a successful series, we are anticipating another motivating set of speakers this upcoming fall. 

Vandana Ayyar is Interbrand’s Marketing Coordinator, North America.

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