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Editorial Staff

Daniel Diez

Editorial Director
Shirley Brady

Features Editor
Erica Velis

Creative Director
Chris Campbell

Design Director
Alan Lum

Senior Designer
Matt van Leeuwen

Michael Waltzer

Marketing Director
Kristin Reagan

Marketing and Events Manager
Shayla Persaud


Executive Director, Interbrand São Paulo
Beto Almeida

Managing Director, Interbrand Shanghai
Thomas Chen

CEO, Interbrand New York
Josh Feldmeth

Global CEO
Jez Frampton

Executive Director, Interbrand São Paulo
Daniella Giavina-Bianchi

CEO, Interbrand Asia Pacific
Stuart Green

CEO, Interbrand Japan
Atsushi Iwashita

Managing Director, Interbrand Seoul
Ji hun Moon

Associate Director, Strategy, Interbrand New York
Dan Spiegel

Executive Director, Client Services, Interbrand New York
Andrea Sullivan

Special Thanks

Lindsay Beltzer, Lesley Chapman, Christine Chen, Amy Edel-Vaughn, Koichi Fujimura, Lauren Gallo, Emily Gross, Cavan Huang, Ryuichi Hayashi, David Hong, Terry Kerr, Rachel Kessman, Bommy Kim, Junkyung Kim, Jeferson Martins, André Matias, Hideto Matsuo, Laura Garcia Miloski, Victoria Murat, Masamichi Nakamura, Sungjin Park, Cristiana Pearson, Melissa Pike, Andreana Andreyev Psarros, Anthony Quigley, Cristina Russo, Jamie Salek, Samantha Schulman, Johnny Trinh, Sally Wang, Harry Woo, Echo Zhang

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