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Interbrand names Volkswagen’s Amarok


Hamburg, August 5, 2009 – The verbal identity experts from Interbrand have named the Amarok, Volkswagen’s first commercial pickup truck scheduled for worldwide release in 2010.

The word Amarok means "arctic wolf" and is taken from the language of the Inuit people of northern Canada and Greenland. The Inuit consider the wolf to be the king of the wilderness. A symbol of power, ruggedness, endurance, and predominance, Amarok excellently fits the character of the 5.20-meter long impressive pickup.

Volkswagen sought Interbrand’s competencies to develop a name that was usable internationally, both to trademark and for linguistic coherency. "We succeeded in developing an animal name that fits the car and was available for worldwide trademark, as animals always have clear associations with definitive characteristics,” explains Stefanie Roshop, who led the project at Interbrand. “Apart from the actual meaning, the name’s tonality also gives an impression of strength and tenacity.”

The associations continue: The name alludes to Volkswagen’s headquarters in Wolfsburg. In romance languages, Amarok can be also understood to mean a person who loves rocks. "How much more can a name say “off-road”?", added Roshop.

The Amarok will carry the same name worldwide, and will be sold in more markets than previous Volkswagen models.


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