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Aurubis – A new name with a story

Interbrand develops name for Europe's largest copper producer

Hamburg, 26. February 2009 – Formed by the merger of Norddeutsche Affinerie AG and Cumerio nv/sa, Aurubis is now Europe's largest copper producer and world leader in copper recycling. The official decision to rename the company was made at the annual general meeting of Norddeutsche Affinerie AG in Hamburg on February 26.

Interbrand was entrusted with the responsibility to develop the name for the newly formed corporation. "The name was to meet the requirements of the increasing internationality of the business. Ideally, it should contain a reference to the world of copper,” says Marion Ballier, Naming Director at Interbrand Hamburg. "At the same time it was important to create a name with that resonates with employees and customers of both companies.”

Aurubis communicates what the company stands for - derived from the Latin terms "aurum" (gold) and "ruber" (red), the name conveys the idea "red gold," reflecting the preciousness and beauty of this indispensable material. The chairman of the board of Norddeutsche Affinerie AG, Dr. Bernd Drouven sums it up: "Aurubis expresses what we share and what makes us strong - our passion for copper - a metal that is almost as precious to us as gold."

The name has passed trademark searches in more than 200 countries. Native speakers of more than 60 languages checked the name for its linguistic and cultural acceptability. Marion Ballier is certain that: "It’s an attractive sound and its international usability make Aurubis a good basis to continue a 142–years success story, that is also a copper story."