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Interbrand Receives Eight Nominations for the 2011 Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany

(Cologne, Moscow, Munich, New York, Sao Paulo, Zurich) August 20, 2010 - Eight projects executed by the Interbrand brand consulting agency have been nominated for the 2011 Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany. The new visual identity of Brazilian mining and steel conglomerate Usiminas, the visual identity of the venerable Swiss brand Schindler, the brand identity of LBBW, the corporate design systems of toolmaker Walter AG and Russia’s leading investment bank Troika Dialog, the new corporate fashion line for the technical service, shop and trade fair divisions of Deutsche Telekom and the rebranding efforts for the "Feeding America" aid organization and the technology company CSC have all been nominated for the coveted prize.

The Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany is the country’s highest official design commendation. It is carried out by the German Design Council under the auspices of the Federal Minister of Economics and Technology. Within the industry, it is considered the “Prize of Prizes” – for two reasons: It is not possible to “apply” for this award. To be considered, projects must be nominated by the economics ministries or senators of the federal states or by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. In addition, only projects that have already received a national or international award are eligible for consideration.

Simply being nominated for the “Prize of Prizes” for outstanding achievement in the fields of product and communication design is an honor in itself.

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The nominated projects include:

Usiminas – In each detail a possible universe. The Brazilian steel company Usiminas is one of the biggest and most modern steel producers in South America. In some areas, as many as 90% of the population is indirectly dependent on Usiminas. As a result, the company shoulders a great deal of responsibility, a point the company has chosen to address in it`s new brand launch. For 4000 years, steel, the core of Usiminas, has influenced cultural developments. Usiminas steel is used in buildings, cars, watches, etc. We all have a piece of Usiminas and thus carry a piece of the responsibility, an idea that Usiminas symbolizes in the movement and the changing colors of the Usiminas "U".

Schindler – Urban Mobility. The global market for elevators and escalators is marked by a competitive struggle among producers of technically similar products. Schindler`s new brand identity, recognized as a benchmark in the industry, reflects the company’s business strategy with a striking collection of images. Pictures of the brand at work convey Schindler as the urban mobility provider: reliable, moving and trailblazing. Key to the brands`s visual appearance is the use of white, bright and red to colorfully support pictures of elevators and escalators featuring people on the move. A surprinsing touch is added to each picture creating a unique message.

LBBW – Cutting-edge ideas on a light blue background. The association of regional savings banks in Germany has recently been reorganized. To take advantage of these changes, Interbrand developed a new position for the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) as a stronger, more innovative partner for German companies and entrepreneurs. To supplement the new tagline, "Banking Made in Germany", the brand`s new visual identity distinguishes it among a competitive landscape characterized by traditional images of banking. Against a light blue background, the LBBW displays ideas sparked by German inventiveness, powerful ideas which the bank closely associates with. The new corporate identity, launched in April 2008, has been consistently implemented throughout the bank.

Walter AG - Turning vision into reality. The merger of Walter, Titex and Prototyp united more than three decades of experience in the tool industry into a strong brand with a visible presence. The new Walter AG needed to develop a new brand position, communication strategy and corporate design. Under the umbrella brand Walter, the three companies charted a new, global position. The logo symbolizes the past of the three companies; design and communication elements illustrate the precision, strength and innovative spirit with which the new brand distinguishes itself from the competition.

Troika Dialog – Leading in a changing world. Troika Dialog has played a role in shaping Moscow's modern financial world. Since the early 1990s, it's been one of the leading investment banks in the country. To reflect on this development, the brand was scrutinized. A central idea emerged: a competitive brand needs heros, leaders who guarantee security and take responsibility. The new, 3D logo is constantly moving and so symbolizes continuous information exchange. Lines representing connections among levels of interaction and processes are combined with colored triangles which signify solutions for different client groups. The bold, dynamic design is used for all corporate communications.

Deutsche Telekom - Fashionable changes. Holding a mirror up to corporate fashion is a good way to reflect on a company's experiences as it changes from within and externally. Everyday, 240.000 Deutsche Telekom employees wear clothing that sports the brand they work for. In the course of developing a new brand identity, a new corporate fashion line was created for service technicians, shop personnel and tradefairs. The dynamic and competent profile of the company is portrayed by a modern and innovative CI which supports the brand promise, "Life is for sharing". A wardrobe system makes it possible for employees to select and combine different pieces of clothing from the collection.

Feeding America – Simply doing good. America’s Second Harvest was the world’s largest domestic hunger relief organization. After national research revealed that only 22% of the public knew who they were and what they did, Interbrand renamed the organization Feeding America to communicate their common purpose. A logo was created that stacks the two words of the name on top of one another, connected by a single wheat stalk to represent the belief in a better tomorrow that filters up through every level of the organization.

CSC – The biggest little known company. Despite delivering a better product, CSC was getting lost in the technology sector where all the competition looked the same. By creating a distinguishing brand identity, the new logo and vibrant color palette give more emphasis to the brand name, and their fresh imagery positions CSC as an innovator. The new identity also includes an element known as the projection box, a vehicle used to “project” headline copy and amplify messaging, giving voice to a brand that remained subdued for too long.

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