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DMK broadens its horizon with Interbrand

Interbrand develops corporate branding for Germany’s largest dairy company

Hamburg, 17 May 2011 – Humana Milchindustrie GmbH and Nordmilch GmbH have merged to form Germany’s largest dairy company. The new entity’s name is DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH (German Milk Cooperative), abbreviated to its German acronym DMK. With sales volume of around 4 billion euros, it is among Europe’s ten largest milk companies. “The merger of Humana and Nordmilch redraws the map of the German milk industry and sets new standards in the area of cooperative milk production, milk processing and marketing,” said Richard Veit, managing director of Interbrand Hamburg. “It is always a special privilege for us as a brand consultant to accompany the process of such a historical merger and to give the new company a face,” Veit said.

The visual identity reflects the new company’s agricultural roots and heritage in northern Germany. The logo features a green meadow and blue sky that meet along a broad horizon, while the flowing white typography awakens associations with milk. In addition, the bold colors underscore the company’s philosophy and confidence: 6.7 billion kilograms of milk processed, around 4 billion euros in sales, 11,100 dairy producers, 5500 employees, 24 plants. “Germany’s largest dairy company by far is also a company with a cooperative structure, and its brand identity underscores its fundamental relationship with primary stakeholders, the farmers,” said Kilian Palis, design director at Interbrand Hamburg.

The company produces strong brands such as Milram, Humana, Ravensberger, Oldenburger and many more.

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