Interbrand Most Decorated Organization in the 2013 Rebrand Global Awards Competition

Interbrand claims 13 awards, including two of the competition’s prestigious Best of Awards

New York (4 March 2013) – Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy, was this year’s most decorated organization in the 2013 REBRAND 100® Global Awards Showcase. The REBRAND 100® Global Awards, the first of their kind, honor the most successful rebrands worldwide. Six of Interbrand’s offices from around the world won 13 awards, including two Best of Awards for Interbrand Sydney’s work on Alzheimer’s Australia and QAGOMA.

Interbrand’s Global CEO, Jez Frampton, stated, “At Interbrand, we believe that brands have the power to change the world. The 2013 REBRAND 100® Global Awards prove that we are living up to our vision. We are flattered and deeply honoured by the 13 awards we received this year.”

The 13 awards bestowed upon Interbrand include:

Best of Awards

  • Alzheimer’s Australia: Interbrand Sydney tackled the challenge of raising awareness, educating the public and government, and making Alzheimer’s a national health priority for Alzheimer’s Australia, an organization that provides support and advocacy for the 321,600 Australians living with dementia. Interbrand Sydney helped Alzheimer’s Australia achieve its goals by developing a highly effective and heartfelt strategy that painted the disease as the villain and the country as the hero.
  • QAGOMA: Interbrand Sydney’s work for QAGOMA, the transformed brand of the Queensland Art Gallery (QAG) and Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), was also awarded. Interbrand Sydney embraced the unique situation of having two galleries work hand-in-hand to offer richer, more complementary experiences. Interbrand Sydney also created two subtly different personalities that play out across both galleries.

Distinction Award

  • CCC: Interbrand San Francisco and Interbrand Toronto collaborated when partnering with Canada Colors and Chemicals (CCC), a chemical, ingredient, and plastics manufacturer and distributor. The two Interbrand offices were acknowledged for taking an unclear, inconsistent brand and developing a striking visual identity system. The two Interbrand offices also developed a more human communications strategy for CCC.
  • Ivoo (a Greentech brand) : – Interbrand's Mexico City office worked with Greentech, one of the largest computer/computer software companies in Venezuela, to create a new retail brand, Ivoo (pronounced "ee-vo"). The brand proposition centers on the idea of the store being an oasis of excellent service and innovative products. In addition to the new name, the Interbrand team also helped in developing the architectural design of the building. Ivoo was a global, collaborative effort between various Interbrand offices and it opened its doors with success in September 2012.
  • SeriousFun: Interbrand New York partnered with SeriousFun Children’s Network, a global network of camps that helps children and their families cope with illness. SeriousFun sought to reflect a more agile platform for driving donations and awareness. A new identity system and tagline were developed to communicate the gesture of joy.
  • Wrigley: After its acquisition by Mars, Wrigley sought to transcend its perception as a gum manufacturer to become a consumer-oriented confectionery company. The brand had reached ubiquity in developed markets, and was pursuing a strategy of growth in emerging markets like China and India. With a goal of reaching $10 billion USD in sales, Wrigley needed a cohesive, compelling vision for its new corporate strategy. Interbrand New York partnered with the company to create that new vision: "Creating Simple Pleasures to Brighten Everyone's Day." A cohesive verbal and visual system was developed in conjunction with this vision to capture the vibrancy of Wrigley's imaginative and optimistic personality. With an engaged global workforce, and a market inspired by the new articulation of the brand, Wrigley’s goals of achieving growth and global ubiquity are now within reach.
  • IO: Interbrand New York partnered with IO, the leading provider of modular data center technology and services, to develop a new brand that would allow them to leapfrog competitors and reach new audiences. Following workshops and discussions, the Interbrand New York team developed a strategic positioning, "intelligent control," and a design philosophy "boldly simple," to guide creative development. The new logo represents the bold nature of IO’s paradigm-shifting technology, and the unique experience and intelligent control that IO provides. The identity combines a boldly simple wordmark, a clear and sometimes epic photographic view of technology, a stripped back approach to composition, modern and clean typography, and a new approach to incorporating black and white. The result: a clean, distinct look amid a sea of blue competitors.
  • Griffin Theatre Company - Griffin Theatre Company is a new theater at the forefront of Australian playwriting. It is famous for producing some of Australia's most memorable plays. The brand needed to play catch up to the highly acclaimed work it was already well known for producing. Working with Interbrand Sydney, a new brand was developed to convey what made Griffin unique: rawness of performances and a constant drive to innovate the theater experience. This strategic idea shaped the new brand and a vertical logo became the logical representation for the depth of the experience. The mood changes through different combinations of words, color and imagery – from one production to another, one touchpoint to the next – and yet the backbeat is always distinctively Griffin.

Merit Award

  • Kellogg's: Over the years, Kellogg's has grown into the world's leading producer of breakfast cereal. But with a wide range of products in over 180 countries, the iconic masterbrand had lapsed as a result of an emphasis on its individual products. By refreshing Kellogg’s masterbrand identity and sharpening its storytelling, Interbrand New York succeeded in restoring the brand's authenticity. By strengthening Kellogg’s masterbrand presence in all package designs, Interbrand set the stage for a revival. This active transition was boosted by Kellogg’s first-ever masterbrand advertising campaign “as a proud sponsor of the start of the day” on the highly visible stage of the 2012 London Olympics.
  • NYSE Euronext: Following the 2007 merger of NYSE and Euronext, the organization needed to signal a game-change to the marketplace in order to stay relevant. To attract clients from competitors, NYSE Euronext needed to realize its vision of redefining exchange and lead an industry evolution. Interbrand New York fashioned an authentic, differentiating creative platform to position NYSE Euronext as the hub of a global community. A dynamic logo expresses collaboration and growth in a flexible, globally relatable graphic language. The animated logo emanates energy while reflecting diverse elements joining to create a point of interaction and activity. Striking black-and-white imagery conveys heritage and trust. The blue and green color palette communicates growth and optimism, while uncommonly light hues convey commitment to transparency. The global launch took place on May 14, 2012.

Notable Award

  • China Merchants Securities (CMS): Interbrand Shanghai partnered with CMS to provide the financial organization with a more clear visual representation of its business.
  • Humana – Interbrand New York developed the new Humana visual identity. Since the work was completed, Humana, one of the most prominent health insurance providers in the U.S., has transformed from a traditional healthcare provider into a “wellbeing” company.
  • Vuforia by Qualcomm: Interbrand San Francisco and Interbrand Toronto were recognized for the work they conducted on Vuforia, a new app-development brand for Qualcomm. The two Interbrand offices developed a refreshed visual expression that was inspired by the lens of a camera, the viewers’ eye, and the expression of delight that comes when using technology.

In response to the 13 awards Interbrand received, its Global Chief Creative Officer, Andy Payne, said: “Brands are living assets that create value. Brands, therefore, must evolve in order to remain relevant to consumers around the world. The REBRAND awards celebrate the evolution and adaptation that is necessary to build strong long-lasting brands.”

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