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Interbrand Receives 2013 One Show Design Merit Award

New York, New York (23 May 2013) – Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy, is pleased to announce that it has received a One Show Design Merit Award for its ‘World Changing Speaker Series’ design posters.

Curated by Interbrand New York, the World Changing Speaker Series provides a platform for knowledge sharing with practitioners at the highest levels of their profession. Events are held in the New York office and speakers are cultural movers who work to elevate the role of brand in their organization and/or sector.

Past World Changing Speakers have included Lauren Bush of FEED Projects, Joel Beckerman, President and Founder of Man Made Music, Jake Barton, Principal of Local Projects, Jessica Resler & Ebenezer Bond, founders of The Participation Agency, and Elliot Cohen, founder and CEO of CityMaps, among many others.

To reflect the ongoing nature of the series, Interbrand designed a series of six silk-screened posters that evolved over the duration of the World Changing Speaker Series events. The posters served two purposes: announcing and promoting each event and as a gift or gesture of appreciation presented to each speaker.

As a metaphor for the accumulation of knowledge, the content for each event poster was screened over the previous poster, creating a connective thread between the various speakers. Through the layering of elements, six different posters on a single sheet of paper was produced, helping to reduce materials by 1/6th of the amount normally used to market an Interbrand event.

“Our goal was to create a captivating medium to market the World Changing Speaker Series to internal departments, as well as to broader, external audiences,” said Chris Campbell, Interbrand’s Executive Creative Director. “This exercise has allowed our creative process to shine and we are incredibly proud that our work has been recognized by The One Club.”

The One Club, a non-profit organization, exists to champion and promote excellence in advertising and design in all its forms. Founded in 1975, as part of its mission to promote high standards of creative excellence, The One Club produces the One Show, One Show Design, One Show Interactive and One Show Entertainment to promote high standards of creative excellence. Of the 4,000 projects entered in the One Show Design, 274 winners were recognized with an award. To view the complete list of winners please visit:

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World Changing Speaker Series

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