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Interbrand Develops New Brand Identity for Rubin Kazan

The Russian football club leverages its cultural heritage and embraces brand in the digital age

Milan, Italy (20 July 2013) – Interbrand, the leading brand consultancy, today revealed the new brand identity for the Russian Football club, Rubin Kazan. Founded in 1958, the team represents Kazan, the capital and largest city of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. Trusting in Interbrand’s expertise and experience in football branding, the Rubin Kazan’s management team turned to Interbrand’s Milan office to define a new positioning for the club and translate that positioning into a memorable and compelling brand experience.

For the past decade, Rubin Kazan has been one of the fastest-growing European football clubs. Rubin Kazan’s new identity was inspired by the club’s desire to celebrate its success, prepare for future growth, and emphasize its role as an ambassador to the city of Kazan: a community where different cultures and religions have coexisted harmoniously for centuries.

Interbrand conducted over 50 hours of interviews with managers, players and supporters in order to develop a positioning that would accurately reflect the club’s history and future ambitions. The club’s philosophy stems from the essence of the city it represents: constant change and harmony through diversity.

The new logo expresses this philosophy. The club name refers to the ruby, one of the hardest gemstones in the world. It evokes the club’s constant commitment to achieving new goals. Keeping in line with the club’s philosophy, the digitalization of the logo reflects its state of perpetual change. A westerly facing Zilant, a mythical creature and a symbol of the city, dominates the logotype and defines its shape.

“It is an ambitious and far-reaching branding project,” said Manfredi Ricca, Managing Director of Interbrand Milan. “It brings together different generations and, above all else, it presents football as a universal language and catalyst of progress. Rubin Kazan is able to offer the European football community something profoundly different and has everything it takes to be a big player in the years to come – and its new brand identity supports this.”

Emanuela Ferrandi, Head of Design at Interbrand Milian, noted, “The visual identity of Rubin Kazan represents a point of departure in the football field. Digital touchpoints – from social networks to web TV and apps – are the most successful channels by which to connect with and involve fans. We partnered with Rubin Kazan’s management team to create a brand that would help bring the traditions and symbols of the team’s birthplace to life – all while ensuring the new brand identity would live and breathe among hyper connected audiences.”

Rubin Kazan

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