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Interbrand Collaborates with Girl Scouts of the USA to Create New Recruitment Campaign

NEW YORK, New York (15 October 2013) – Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy, is pleased to announce the development of a new recruitment campaign for Girl Scouts of the USA.

Girl Scouts of the USA, which celebrated its centennial in 2012, has more than 2 million youth members nationwide. While roughly 50 percent of American women are Girl Scouts alumni, the number of new members and troop leaders has been declining over the past few years. With a goal of increasing the number of both youth members and adult troop leaders, the organization tapped Interbrand New York to create a campaign that would drive participation and engagement across America’s increasingly diverse demographics.

Leveraging Girl Scouts’ 101-year history, Interbrand reimagined the brand’s iconic Girl Scout Trefoil symbol. Using it as the starting point, Interbrand incorporated layers of images, colors, and illustrations to create the Kaleidoscope Girl Scout Trefoil – a dynamic storytelling device that serves as a metaphor for the ever-changing experiences girls can have with their troops. Accompanied by a vibrant color palette and bold, bright typography, each kaleidoscope trefoil includes photography of real Girl Scouts and/or volunteers exploring and connecting with each other through various activities.

To motivate and inspire girls and adults to join, the hero line “I can’t wait to” was developed to spark curiosity and anticipation. Setting the tone of the campaign, the hero line is supported by copy that is simple and playful – underscoring the ease and accessibility of becoming a Girl Scouts member and the fun girls and adults have when they join.

“We learned from Interbrand’s research that the opportunity for new experiences is what makes girls want to join and what makes adults want to volunteer,” said Sarah Gormley, a marketing executive with Girl Scouts of the USA. “The exceptional collaboration between Interbrand, GSUSA and our local councils resulted in a powerful campaign that captures the energy and excitement we see in girls every day, and we believe “I can’t wait to” will drive real results.”

“GSUSA and Interbrand engaged councils across the country in an unprecedented way – from the very beginning of the campaign ideation through creation of specific tools for local execution,” added Katherine Lambert, EVP, Girls Scouts Hornets’ Nest Council. “Together, we developed a better understanding of the ‘business’ and how to better reach and connect with both young girls and volunteers.”

To help bring the campaign to market and activate it across the organization’s national office and 112 local councils, Interbrand developed a comprehensive “I can’t wait to” campaign toolkit. From the language to color to photography, the toolkit provides a detailed overview of how the organization should implement the campaign on a grassroots, cost efficient delivery at the ground level through collateral pieces including web banners, hyperlinks, emails, posters, bracelets, and more. Additionally, the toolkit contains customizable templates, as well as bilingual communication and execution guides.

“The ‘I can’t wait to’ campaign hints at all the great experiences that lie ahead of young girls. It also reinforces the idea that Girl Scouts can help young girls achieve their dreams,” said Andrea Sullivan, Chief Marketing Officer for Interbrand North America. “With a rich heritage, a powerful story, and the right tools and resources in place to communicate its vision nationwide, Girls Scouts will move toward achieving its membership goals and help inspire and shape the next generation of female leaders.”

Instead of implementing traditional advertisements on television, in newspapers and on billboards, the “I can’t wait to” campaign is unfolding in neighborhood initiatives and via social media channels as local Girl Scout councils directly target elementary-school girls and potential adult volunteers. For more information, please visit

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