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Interbrand Develops New Brand Identity for Munich Airport

Munich Airport experiences the connection

COLOGNE, Germany (25 November 2013) – Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy, today announced the launch of a new brand identity for the international Munich Airport, or Flughafen München as it is known in German. The new brand design, developed in conjunction with the client, aims to strengthen the airport’s already successful position among its global competitors, enhance its appeal among customers and partners, ad boost its attractiveness as an employer.

“Having an airport with a strong position is very important to us,” said Dr. Michael Kerkloh, president and CEO of Flughafen München GmbH. “We are responsible for the region, and want to continue to make a valuable contribution to growing Bavaria’s economy.”

The aviation industry is taking a leading role in the dynamically growing world of mobility as it becomes stronger, faster and increasingly significant to the global economy. Facing immense pressure from competitors, Munich Airport needed to assert its position as a leading airport and establish itself as an integrated mobility brand.

The aim of the nearly two-year process was to establish a shared understanding of the brand internally as well as towards the public. Interbrand developed a new, long-term brand positioning in line with the requirements of all Munich Airport divisions as well as its various target audiences. The company’s core qualities – the airport’s close, reliable cooperation with strong partners, foresighted thinking, the development of innovative solutions for the future and the constant pursuit of more customer-oriented offers and services – provided Interbrand with the basis for developing the new brand idea: “Verbindung leben” (“Living ideas – Connecting lives).

Nina Oswald, Managing Director of Interbrand Cologne, summed up the idea behind the positioning: “Every visit to and encounter with Munich Airport should be a unique experience. We talk about the quality of the services that customers and partners can expect from Munich Airport. This dramatically sets Munich Airport apart from other industry competitors.”

“Verbindung leben” (‘Living ideas – Connecting lives’) illustrates what we now expect of ourselves when interacting with passengers, customers and partners, added Michael Otremba, Director of Advertising, Media and Marketing at Flughafen München GmbH. “The cultural change is not just outward, but also needs to take place within our organization. In order to succeed in this competitive market and strengthen Munich Airport’s position as a renowned international hub, we need to be a team with a clear vision and a company with a distinctive profile.”

The new guiding principle “Verbindung leben” (‘Living ideas – Connecting lives’) was also essential to the process of updating the visual identity. The brand design was modified without compromising the airport’s original graphic and architectural legacy, or its unique history.

The new brand design is also based on the original specifications of the white airport surrounded by greenery. Clarity, brightness and maximum transparency still play a decisive role, and the focus on people has been further enhanced.

The basic shape of the new logo still features the previous “M,” but now illustrates the idea of connection. A connecting element was added to visualize Munich Airport’s new strategy. The right stroke in the letter “M” is the connector that conveys the brand idea in its purest form. It connects the elements of the logo and is used consciously throughout the design to communicate “Verbindung leben” (‘Living ideas – Connecting lives’). The multiple colors (fresh tones based on the existing color palette) featured in the connector symbolize the multifaceted experiences offered at the airport. The new logo has a very exclusive, sophisticated look. Silver or white can be added to enhance these color accents to create impressions ranging from refined to vibrant, depending on the purpose of the communication. The brand is brought to life through the interplay of all the design elements – including the modified color palette, the new brand typeface, tone of voice and imagery, which uses pairs of pictures to explore the topic of connections and tell stories in a single moment.

“The new brand identity takes the established design principles to the next level. The elements work in combination with each other, but also represent the theme “Verbindung leben” (‘Living ideas – Connecting lives’) individually – from the smallest possible format (the “M”) to the oversized billboard,” explained Jens Grefen, Creative Director at Interbrand Cologne. “This communicates the brand idea in a targeted way, allowing people to experience it at every touch point.”

The new “M” communicates the airport’s brand promise in the smallest possible space. Besides communicating the location (Munich/Bavaria) and the function (airport), it reflects the company’s mindset and philosophy.

In additional to being an important international hub, the airport now sees itself as a location unique experiences and moments.

Experience the new brand at or in person at Munich Airport.

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