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Interbrand reveals new visual identity for non-profit organization Natuur & Milieu

Natuur and MilieuAMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS (September 30, 2010) – Interbrand, the leading brand consulting firm, today announced the launch of a new visual identity for the non-profit organization Natuur & Milieu (Nature & Environment). Natuur & Milieu is an independent environmental organization that works with various parties to drive change for sustainable energy, mobility and food. By influencing key policymakers, the organization is able to integrate long-term environmental initiatives into public policy and legislation at the European, national and regional levels.

The refreshed visual identity uses an Ampersand stamp to reflect the structure of the organization and its actions.  The Ampersand’s three points reference the markets and stakeholders of the organization: government, business and people.

“The new identity was created to place Natuur & Milieu at the heart of Dutch society,” commented Patrick Stal, Senior Consultant at Interbrand Amsterdam. Natuur & Milieu’s activities and projects are unique in that they create targeted lasting partnerships. Because we believe in the grounding principles of this organization, we largely created this identity pro-bono. We are confident that with this new identity, Natuur & Milieu will become the most unique brand on the European non-profit market and will therefore be a beacon to all its stakeholders.”

The Amsterdam School inspired the typography, which is prevalent in cities around the Netherlands. The color palette reflects the ever-changing personality of nature, communicating the brand’s ability to adapt, depending on the context.

“We are very proud of our new visual identity,” said Olof van der Gaag, Communication and Fundraising Manager of Natuur & Milieu. “We are showing our confidence, and showing people who we are while inviting people, companies and governments to join us in our efforts.”

The new identity will be introduced in various corporate collateral in the coming months, while the new website launched today (, serves as the first step in revealing the identity.

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Natuur & Milieu works for a sustainable, beautiful and healthy world because this is important for people. The organization works for and with people, in the Netherlands and beyond, now and later. With creative and innovative projects and initiatives Natuur & Milieu offers governments, companies and people the opportunity to work together for a sustainable and livable future. The organization focuses on themes around Energy, Mobility and Food. Iconic projects include “Zeekracht”, “You determine the new way of working”, “Cleaner Car Contacts” and the “Night of the Night”. For more information please visit: