A strong team

A new identity for a strong group






After selling off its pharmaceutical division and refocusing on the area of specialty chemicals, the ALTANA Group needed a stronger profile for the corporate brand. It was also necessary to create a brand identity, which highlighted the significance of the four divisions in each market in an appropriate and consistent way.

The plan was to continue to use the already established division brands BYK and ECKART while developing two new brands for the other divisions, which had not operated under unique brands up to this point. Finally, the affiliation of all four units with the ALTANA group would be expressed using a shared visual identity.

Interbrand developed appealing brand names for two of the divisions, which could be used internationally: ELANTAS for Electrical Insulation and ACTEGA for Coatings & Sealants. These brands share an equal standing with BYK and ECKART.

On the basis of the new positioning, Interbrand developed a common logo and new corporate identity elements to be used by all ALTANA brands. Interbrand then implemented these accordingly for all brand touchpoints, including advertisements, business stationary, building signage, product labeling, and brochures.

The development of the new brand strategy and the global implementation of the new brand identity have made a decisive impact on the success of the company’s new strategy. The group has established itself as a reliable partner and leading provider of specialty chemicals just a few years after refocusing on specialty chemicals.