A defensible difference

How Applebee’s weekly sales jumped up US$ 50,000.






We put our integrated research, strategy, design, and architectural services to work to create a comprehensive business solution.

Our qualitative and quantitative consumer research uncovered opportunities to differentiate and uplift the entire experience. The positioning strategy, logo, physical space, menu, and every customer touchpoint were redesigned to reflect a new “fresh and friendly” positioning that strongly resonates with today’s customer.

Not only is the entry and bar more open and inviting, and the décor less cluttered, but the new physical space also offers flexible seating for large parties, and better traffic flow. Additionally, we suggested that Applebee’s concurrently redesign their menu and kitchen to align with the new brand position.

Diners are showing signs of increased frequency at the remodeled stores. One location built a new prototype on its old site, which had been making about US$ 40,000 in weekly in sales. The new restaurant has been averaging between US$ 70,000 and US$ 90,000 in weekly sales.

That’s the fortitude of great design.