AT&T: Building a Bridge

From what’s now to what’s next





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Our initial launch of the brand introduced an overhaul of AT&T’s iconic brand logo, as well as alignment of brand identity, portfolio architecture, product and service names and customer touchpoints across the merged businesses. The goal was to present AT&T as a new entity that has reemerged as the telecom industry leader.

In mid-2007, AT&T acquired the Cingular Wireless brand, which posed another opportunity for a brand refresh. We evolved the brand identity, tone of voice and brand. Strategically, we made a significant shift in focus from that of a traditional phone company, to a wireless company. This coincided with AT&T’s U.S.-exclusive launch of the iPhone and was followed by a 5000 percent increase in broadband wireless traffic for AT&T (vs. 3000 percent for the U.S. as a whole).

In 2010, we launched Rethink Possible. The result is a brand expression that is more true to its soul: a technology company that significantly impacts how people live, work and play. Rethink Possible is rooted in optimism and possibility. It represents a point of view and a lifestyle choice that can be fueled by what AT&T has to offer.

Our work for AT&T spans more than five years of progressive brand evolution, and we have helped AT&T seize opportunity at key inflection points of industry change.