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A clear brand vision and consistent messaging enable Adecco to grow






Adecco Ltd. was established in 1985 as the Japanese arm of the Swiss multinational human resource services company.

Due changing economic conditions, the Japanese human resource services market has entered a transition phase characterized by more complex organization in companies, increased demand to provide global human resources, and a more diversified workplace. In Japan, Adecco once put temporary staffing at the core of its business. However, a widespread assumption that temp staff generally meant female workers—as opposed to “manpower”—was hampering the growth of Adecco’s business. Therefore, changing perception and challenging stereotypes became the starting point of this project. It would be necessary to position Adecco as a global brand offering total staffing solutions and a wide variety of services to address all HR needs.

The first task was to clarify Adecco's brand vision in Japan, and develop a strong corporate massage. Then, we constructed an effective messaging system to appeal to targets with different needs. Additionally, we adapted Adecco's global guidelines to formulate communication guidelines tailored to the Japanese market. We also refreshed the company’s prospectus and website.

By defining Adecco’s worldview and clarifying its guidelines for communication, we improved the company's ability to create effective external messages. Internally, we helped increase understanding of the brand and its vision. A clear brand vision and consistent messaging have become the driving forces behind Adecco’s growth as it strives to take the lead as a complete human resource provider.