Redefining a classic

A sophisticated and iconic brand






Jamnica has been the most successful mineral water brand in Croatia for many years. The owner, Agrokor Group, decided to reposition the water as a premium brand in response to increased competition and the presence of more international brands in the market.

Interbrand was hired to develop the brand positioning and manage its subsequent implementation. The main goal was to create a sophisticated and iconic design. The story of ’Jana’, the character historically linked with the brand, was also to be updated in order to provide the basis for the future visual identity of the Jamnica brand.

Interbrand developed a logo, key visual and a completely new visual identity for the brand. The premium character of the brand is reflected in the unique glass and PET bottles designed by Interbrand, which feature a new label. The design still honors the long tradition of the brand – the label on the front of the bottle features an updated Jana, and her story is told on the back of the bottle.

Our client isn’t the only one who was impressed by the new bottle. The 1l glass bottle received the ‘Cropak of the year 2007’ award, which recognizes most innovative designs from Croatian companies each year. Consumer surveys conducted during other projects show that Jamnica is now considered the ultimate premium mineral water brand in Croatia.