Re-energizing an American paint brand

Glidden’s redesigned packaging reflects its high-quality paint products






Glidden, an established American paint brand, had not undergone significant branding work in many years. This – along with an increasingly competitive marketplace – had caused a loss of share and sales volume.

Glidden’s acquisition by AkzoNobel created the opportunity to re-energize the brand across all platforms and consumer touchpoints, including packaging.

The timeline for the packaging redesign project, which started in January 2009, was extremely tight: New packaging had to be in-store and on the shelf at The Home Depot, Glidden’s primary retail partner, in time for the all-important painting season (April through October).

Despite the challenges, Interbrand rose to the occasion and used its proprietary creative process and Glidden’s extensive consumer research to quickly and skillfully redesign the new packaging. Interbrand created more than 350 design comps in two days and completed the entire project in only two weeks.

The new packaging features the Glidden logo three times across the linear space, making it easier for consumers to identify the brand on shelf. It also uses a color-coding system that is distinct, bold and rich, while the information on each can is clean and clear. The packaging also introduces characters for each of the sheens — and that helps reinforce the social and emotional aspects of painting.

The redesign also included the trays that hold Glidden’s paint cans. The trays made it so that each store’s paint area looked cleaner and better organized than before. Glidden’s new packaging started going on the shelf at The Home Depot stores in late April. The client is very pleased with early sales results . . . and with Interbrand’s role in the redesign.

Rob Horton, Vice President of Marketing at AkzoNobel, stated: “We’ve significantly improved the quality of Glidden paint, and Interbrand’s new packaging reflects this. Interbrand understood the tremendous sense of urgency we had around this project and they were responsive, flexible, straightforward and creative. This new packaging gives Glidden the personality that we aspire to. Through its rich color and clear, informative label, it communicates that we’re selling a very high-quality product at a reasonable price.”