Interbrand brings Amadeus’ new identity and positioning to life

Creating a differentiated value proposition for a B2B leader at the crossroads of technology and travel






Amadeus is the leading provider of advanced solutions for the global travel industry. With an aim to reposition its brand on a global scale, the company chose Interbrand to revitalize its strategic brand platform. The project began with a comprehensive brand diagnostic to determine how to optimally align Amadeus’s new future-focused business strategy with its brand strategy. The project also involved the creation of a new identity and visual universe, as well as a new brand architecture model for its extensive portfolio of offerings, targeting both customers and other travel industry players.

Interbrand’s thorough brand diagnostic was carried out to gather and interpret the impressions of Amadeus’s key internal and external stakeholders. Another part of the initial assessment involved a comprehensive visual and verbal audit to identify opportunities for revision and achieve better alignment with a revitalized corporate vision. A new architecture model for the brand’s vast portfolio brought simplicity and clarity to Amadeus’s range of products, services and consulting solutions, making offerings easier to identify.

The new brand proposition and brand idea, “Shape the future of travel,” was developed to position Amadeus as the leading company building the future of its sector, along with its clients and partners, as well as travelers (B2B&C).

Removing its former tagline, “Your technology partner,” Amadeus demonstrates that its leadership extends beyond IT leadership by streamlining and simplifying its identity in coherence with a predominant trend within the sector of technological consulting services, (according to sector and competitor studies developed by Interbrand).

In terms of graphic design, the Amadeus logotype has been optimized from a typographic perspective, but it has maintained the essence of its distinctive personality. The new wordmark respects well-established visual equities and values, but exhibits a more contemporary expression of personality. The brand’s visual universe has been revamped and enriched with a versatile and flexible language, representing the company’s capacity to adapt and stay relevant to its clients’ and partners’ evolving needs. An updated color palette, new families of secondary typographies, and layout formats (for use both online and offline) establish a more distinctive and differentiating proposition for the company’s proprietary look and feel in communications. The new fluid shapes, an emblematic element within the universe of the Amadeus brand expression in graphics, function as visual metaphors for the corporate sense of purpose: shaping the future of travel in flexible and adaptive collaboration with its clients and partners.