Making the best even better

Rethinking the personality and position of China’s leading real estate brand






Vanke is, by far, the largest real estate developer in China. However, this case study shows that even the best can use a little help sometimes. In 2005, Vanke was facing a group of fierce competitors that were quickly closing the gap. At the same time, consumers were becoming more selective when choosing among real estate brands. Vanke was at a crossroads, feeling pressure to either stay the course or make an effort to recapture the essence of the Vanke brand and take the business to new heights. When Vanke searched for external assistance, they found Interbrand was there to help.

Interbrand started with a thorough brand equity study that showed Vanke’s communications were not as strong as they could be. This study was followed by an effort to align Vanke’s brand position, which resulted in one of the best-known brand taglines in China, “Architecture—Our tribute to life.” This tagline not only increased Vanke’s brand awareness but also propelled the Vanke brand to a new level. Additionally, Interbrand consolidated Vanke’s once fragmented verbal identity system and developed a series of customized brand tools to enhance brand equity. In 2009, we revisited Vanke’s brand equity to evaluate its brand health. Needless to say, after all these years, Vanke is still China’s leading real estate brand.