A seal of nobility

We created a unique visual identity for Bohemia.






Bohemia is the first Brazilian beer, produced in 1853. It is responsible for growing Brazil’s premium beer segment and its positioning is based on three key attributes: tradition, quality, and a pioneering spirit.

AB-InBev, Bohemia’s owner, asked us to develop unique emotional attributes for the brand, in order to enhance and clarify its public perception.

Our work began with the development of a visual identity that articulated Bohemia’s unique positioning and consistently inspired every touchpoint.

An independent team of semiotic experts guided our exploration of visual principles that best reflected the Bohemia heritage. Each visual key principle, explores Bohemia’s legacy, its valued past, and its origins as if it was a jewel, an art collector piece, or a rare stamp. We then used these key principles to develop Bohemia’s packaging and labels.

Bohemia’s new identity sets it apart from competitors and establishes it as a special brand. AB-InBev was so very pleased with our work, that it asked us to develop visual identities for additional lines of its portfolio. AB-InBev was so pleased with our work that Interbrand became accredited to work with other brands of its portfolio.