Good as gold

How we helped a local hero become truly international.






Copper is one of the most essential raw materials in today’s world. There is basically no technical device that runs without this precious metal.

For more than 142 years, Europe's leading producer and worldwide leading recycler of copper has been Norddeutsche Affinerie (NA). NA is based in Hamburg and has six additional sites throughout Western and Eastern Europe.

After merging with Belgian copper producer Cumerio in early 2008, NA decided to change its name to match the company’s growing international presence and facilitate the integration of the two companies.

The new name “Aurubis,” derived from the Latin terms aurum and ruber (gold and red) is a clear statement for the preciousness and beauty of copper. The immediate acceptance of the new name by workers, the management board, shareholders, as well as the press, is convincing proof of the name's communicative power.

With the new name “Aurubis” the company is well prepared to grow and shine in the international world of copper.