Not your average engineering firm

We created an innovative brand identity for Ausenco.






However, its loosely defined branding efforts and cluttered brand architecture had made for an underwhelming reflection of not only who they were but also who they wanted to be. We were asked to uncover and bring to life a far more dynamic interpretation of Ausenco’s brand and mix of businesses.

We began with a comprehensive phase of analysis to understand the key issues across each business line around the world. This consisted of a company-wide online survey, one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders and a global audit to reveal the strategic foundations for the Ausenco brand and its various sub-brands.

What we recognized was that Ausenco was a collective of ingenious minds, working together to provide innovative solutions, Our brand strategy captured this unique energy under the banner of “Ingenuity by example,” an idea that championed their commitment to breakthrough results, inspiring relationships and insightful creativity.

We set about developing a three-year roadmap to transition the portfolio to a refined architecture strategy that the various lines of business could relate to their sub-brands.

Incorporated in the strategy were comprehensive guidelines for every touchpoint, including corporate and business line brochures, websites, tradeshows, newsletters, advertising and tender documents.

By overhauling every element of Ausenco’s brand identity, we created a new standard for marketing and collateral design within the engineering sector. The brand launch has seen Ausenco not just raise the bar, but set it far above the competition.

For us, it has been a journey of discovery. For Ausenco, it has always been a case of ingenuity by example.