Living through design

How BALS became an interior design leader.






BALS began as the home furnishings store “Francfranc.” It has since expanded operations to include design for commercial and residential buildings, as well as electronic products. BALS now offers consumers the ability to create a stylish lifestyle through its unique design sensibility.

While BALS’s original corporate symbol was universally liked, for many, it seemed to evoke the image of "Francfranc" too much. Although "Francfranc" was and is one of BALS’s main businesses, BALS has been steadily moving towards a more upscale, lifestyle brand experience.

Interbrand proposed a makeover to BALS's corporate identity, clarifying the original concept and visions.

The statement "One’s intellectuality is reflected in their interior design" provocatively proposes a better way of living through interior design. It was decided that the company should position itself in cultural industries. The new symbol uses simple and bold black and white typography.

After working with Interbrand, BALS made some dramatic changes at operational level as well, such as moving their main office, redesigning their "Francfranc" shops, and setting up new businesses. BALS's business is now more diverse, with the company at the helm of high-end interior design shops and a shopping center. They are also providing their design services for hotels and other shopping centers.

With a new vision and concept, BALS is poised to make even further leaps and bounds in the industry.