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We helped Boots dramatically increase sales.






The retailer wished to differentiate itself and build confidence with a unique packaging that would be entirely its own.

We worked with the key business centers within Boots (Healthcare, Baby, and Personal Care) to develop the brand and its presentation. The goal was to achieve consistency across over 600 product lines and authority within the sector.

The deep blue logo is carried through on the packaging across each business area, while the benefits of the products are conveyed through the use of photographs and simple illustrations.

The return on Boots’s investment has been dramatic.

The First Aid range saw a sales increase of over eight percent after repackage, while the Symptom Specific range increased Boots share of the analgesics market from 28 percent to 33 percent. Additionally, the re-launch of the Baby Foods line saw sales grow from GBP 2 million to 13.1 million.

The packaging received a Design Effectiveness Award and fostered our ongoing relationship with Boots to continue to grow its brand.