Updating one of the most prestigious banks

Bancomer got a smart and consistent look.






By 1998, it was becoming too costly to implement and properly maintain its corporate identity through three-dimensional signage. Soon, different versions of the identity were beginning to pop up throughout the country.

Bancomer asked Interbrand to find a common visual thread for its identity, without impacting the equity of its identity.

Our strategy began with research into the current identities being used by the Bancomer branches and subsidiaries. Our goal was to find similarities in each.

The identity’s renewal, two-dimensional design lended itself to a more economical signage program, and translated well to the company’s communications. It was also easily transferrable to other employee materials, including a line of uniforms based on the institution’s newly unified image.

To connect the many tiers of the corporation, Interbrand also renewed the brand architecture, with a set of common guidelines that the sub-brands would share with Bancomer.

Interbrand was also involved in reorganizing Bancomer’s card system. While keeping the Bancomer look consistent, each series was given its own definitive visual element to communicate its purpose.

Interbrand went on to environmentally restructure the interior and exterior of each of the Bancomer branches to match the newly unified identity.