Setting sail to new shores

We helped Japan’s Bank of Yokohama stay on top.





Bank of Yokohama

Japan’s regional banks have it tough. How can you build a global reputation as a progressive financial institution with a name that is equivalent to “Hicksville Savings & Loan?”

Fortunately for The Bank of Yokohama, one of Japan’s strongest regional banks, this isn’t a problem. Yokohama is an attractive and cosmopolitan city that is home to Japan’s first modern port and a byword in Japan for modernity and innovation.

But in the face of intense competition, The Bank of Yokohama realized it had to reposition itself as “the bank of choice” for consumers – it was necessary to create a new and innovative brand strategy.

After clarifying the values underlying the brand through an extensive audit of customer and employee attitudes, a new brand symbol was developed.

The new symbol is quintessentially Yokohama: a matched set of sails in a fresh breeze taking customers toward their dreams. The sails face one another, expressing Bank of Yokohama’s willingness to listen to its customers and share their aspirations.

Bank of Yokohama successfully introduced its new brand symbol in 2007.

It’s been smooth sailing ever since.