The future, together

Unifying seven savings banks under an iconic, future-driven brand






Since its inception, Bankia has been an ambitious and remarkable project. Consolidating seven regional savings banks, Bankia’s landmark merger was the largest one ever orchestrated in Europe and created one of Spain’s most formidable financial conglomerates.

Comprised of seven Spanish financial institutions, with major presence in their areas of influence, Interbrand’s challenge was to bring these entities of different origin together in a way that would inspire confidence.

On a strategic level, the conglomerate needed a new set of values that would unify and define the organization as a whole, yet reflect their diverse origins. Aiming to serve both regional and international clients, it was essential for entity to be perceived as a competitive, global bank that also attends to the needs of local clients. Taking their international relevance and regional distinctions into account, we positioned Bankia as a leading financial institution while preserving its local character.

Through the creation of a forward-looking brand platform conveying authenticity, strength and accessibility, the organization’s new values and personality were defined, allowing the brand to express itself with assuredness and sensitivity to the needs of today’s client.

Once the brand platform was established, we had to determine a name that would reflect the internal change as well as the bank’s outward international projection. “Bank” became the foundation due to its simplicity and descriptive character. Adding “ia” pluralized the bank, implying an open, protective character and inviting clients to see the conglomerate as a financial institution that serves the collective good. Simple yet resonant, the name tested positively in more than 20 languages and its strength was affirmed by the entire Interbrand network operating in more than 30 countries.

Evoking honesty and transparency, the visual translation of the brand effectively transmits the bank’s values in a strong, consistent manner. A fresh, contemporary logotype, a differentiating chromatic range and secondary graphics, as well as an advertising formats system—all under the same communication statement—has given Bankia a bold, modern identity which suggests an institution that is making its mark: defining and leading a new category in banking.