A Chinese name for an American ice cream retailer

Baskin-Robbins now stands for every flavor you can imagine.






This name lacked memorability, differentiation, and relevance to Chinese consumers.

As the company has aggressive growth plans across all of China, it asked Interbrand to create a new Chinese name and wordmark to help assert what makes Baskin-Robbins one of the world’s favorite ice cream brands.

We studied consumer purchase drivers, competitive practices, and the brand’s global equities to identify those key meanings we wanted to communicate in the new name. Based on our analysis, we determined that fun, quality and most importantly, variety, are core pillars that should be asserted in the Chinese brand.

We created the name 芭斯罗缤 (Ba1 Si1 Luo2 Bin1), meaning “international variety.” The personality is fun, the name is easy to pronounce, and it was preferred in consumer testing.

We then created a Chinese version of the visual identity, which the company is now using in all of its local communications and retail experiences. Initial consumer feedback has been very positive, and with its branding in place, the company is accelerating its growth in China.

And that’s the kind of flavor we love the most