A new expression of masculinity

Jean Paul Gaultier plays on surprise and sensuality





KoKorico, Jean Paul Gaultier

Following the success of his latest perfume « Male », Jean Paul Gaultier created a new fragrance that gives expression to yet another facet of a man’s personality – trendy, urban masculinity. The onomatopoeic name, Kokorico, inspired by a rooster’s cry, embodies the spirit of the fragrance.

Interbrand’s expertise was called upon to package the fragrance and the range of skincare products. The highlight of the design is the flacon: A profile of a man’s face when seen upfront and a silhouette of a torso when seen in profile. This element of surprise and sensuality is emblematic of the Jean Paul Gaultier brand.

The round metallic packaging is inspired by a film reel container. The red and black color palette was displayed across the point-of-sale communication to intensify the sense of glamour.

Successfully launched in France in September 2011, Kokorico will be launched worldwide in March 2012.