NIVEA: The brand for beauty

Interbrand unified NIVEA's logos worldwide.






NIVEA—a brand that is continuously advancing and further developing itself, including in new segments—has over the course of time created a number of sub-brands, each with their own individual logos.

Now, in collaboration with Interbrand, NIVEA has taken a big step. It has evolved from a global personal care brand into an attractive, worldwide beauty brand.

Two of the logos designed by Interbrand (NIVEA and NIVEA for MEN) will be gradually rolled out over the entire portfolio. This step will not only unify the many NIVEA sub-brands, but will also represent a tangible visual consolidation of the NIVEA brand.

The traditional NIVEA lettering that is familiar from tins of NIVEA Creme has been retained—strong brands need strong and clear symbols in order to remain firmly top of mind both today and in the future with consumers.

By defining the brand's core visual elements and creating a brand icon within the cosmetics industry, Beiersdorf and Interbrand created strong and long lasting product branding.