Keep Discovering

Redefining Borealis’ brand idea






Headquartered in Vienna Austria, Borealis is a leading provider of innovative solutions in polyolefins, base chemicals, and fertilizers. Developing from its Nordic roots as a plastic manufacturer to become a global provider of chemical solutions with operations across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, the company has evolved significantly over the last 20 years. For that reason, Borealis needed a new identity and communication strategy that would reflect its global success and position it as a technological leader in its industry.

Collaborating closely with the client, Interbrand developed a new corporate identity, introduced new global positioning (“Keep Discovering”), and redesigned Borealis’ corporate website ( The objectives were to increase the brand’s impact, strengthen its leadership position, and communicate fundamental strategic changes visually as well as experientially.

Additionally, the brand architecture was revised and Borealis' extensive product portfolio was restructured. Strengthening portfolio management on a product and technology level, Interbrand worked to bolster the power of the master brand and provide better orientation for clients with the aim of generating future value.

The company’s core brand positioning was not only redefined, but transformed into an attractive brand experience, which included a new verbal identity and a one-year internal brand engagement program. Inspired by the “Keep Discovering” brand idea, an innovative employee engagement campaign was developed to ensure that the internal culture would reflect the company’s external transformation.

On an internal, interactive virtual platform, Borealis employees can participate in the change process and experience the new brand. The platform brings the positioning to life and marks a true milestone in Borealis' continuing evolution. Implemented throughout all locations worldwide, in eight different languages, it gives a voice to all employees, ensures that everyone is part of the process—and that everyone understands the concept and values behind the new brand and how to express them.

The new brand, an expression of the “Keep Discovering” position, was launched in March 2014 to mark the company's 20th anniversary.

This positioning, which builds upon the brand’s existing values, also informs Borealis' new visual identity. Overall, the entire visual appearance was sharpened, refreshed, and given a more contemporary feel. Blue remains the main brand color but the shade has been updated. Differentiating Borealis from other brands with multi-color identities, the new visual look is now predominantly blue, with all secondary colors appearing as accents only. The new blue is also used as a gradient by itself, or on pictures to identify the brand. This new picture style, based on the core idea, combined with the new, more relatable type and the new layout grid, form a consistent image of an innovative company—all without changing the logo.

Borealis’ proven approach, “Value Creation Through Innovation,” enables the company to help clients in all markets succeed. By being open to new ways of thinking and always striving for excellence, Borealis helps clients move ahead. The brand idea “Keep Discovering” reflects its progressive values, embodies all the brand has achieved, and establishes an ideal that will guide the company into the future.

Together, Borealis and Interbrand succeeded in creating a new brand identity, “Keep Discovering,” that is global in scope and distinctive in impact.