One recognizable brand

The Boursorama Group gets a brand identity update.






The Boursorama Group operated online financial services throughout many countries in Europe, but under very diverse brands and visual identities. Each entity worked in an independent manner, with two main colors (blue and magenta) acting as the only visual linkage between the brands.

To compete in the increasingly crowded financial services market, it needed a single logo, a brand strategy that represented the Group’s internal and external values for each country, and basic brand guidelines to ensure consistency for each application and all collateral – from stationary to advertising formats.

Our redesign of Boursorama’s Group entities followed an “umbrella” brand strategy, which eliminated Boursorama’s previous endorsements, but also maintained the equity of the existing wordmarks in each country.

The visual language we created builds on the group’s past value by preserving the original blue and magenta colors, while contemporizing the brand.

The new design, strategy, and guidelines will ensure that Boursorama’s brands are recognizable across multiple markets and businesses.