Our nature is to take good care of the brand

We redefined Jurema’s purpose.






Jurema, a 50-year-old Brazilian food brand, was acquired by Brasfrigo and needed a change in its design to be repositioned in the market.

Our job went much deeper than simply creating new packaging. We took the existing package, transformed it, and created an entirely new communication channel for the brand. And we did this with all of Jurema’s products. The strategy to design all product lines was thought from the POP, to give the brand shelf impact, a strong identity, and to create total synergy among the product lines, regardless of the category.

Our concept was “care”: caring not only for the body, but for the environment as well.

We created a visual language using an unlimited variety of colors—as in nature—and lots of white, to reinforce the idea of purity and freshness.

In the text, we presented tips that not only promote healthy cooking and the gathering of people for meals, but also the importance of sustainability and respect for the environment.

Taking the role of teacher, the packaging now educates the consumer on the healthier side of its products and the importance of recycling.

Jurema is no longer just a commodity. It now delivers good health and well-being too.