Elevating CCU’s portfolio to new heights

A new identity and positioning for a complete range of products.






Recognized as one of the most important beer breweries in South America, Compañía de las Cervecerías Unidas (CCU), is Chile's largest brewer and one of the largest brewers in Argentina, where it has a huge presence. Also a major producer and bottler soft drinks, wine and other beverages, the size of its portfolio of products—including regional brands like Santa Fe and Salta, as well as international brands like Heineken, Budweiser, Negra Modelo, and Corona—reinforces the power and projection of the company at the national level.

Interbrand began working with CCU in 2010 to reposition the company’s beer brand, Schneider—its most important brand in terms of volume and relevance. The new identity Interbrand developed for Schneider reflected, at last, the inherent attributes of the brand: a high quality product, select ingredients and authentic German heritage.

As a result of our success with Schneider, CCU invited Interbrand to work on the rest of their regional and national portfolio. Specifically, we were asked to work with those who managed each brand to redesign visual identities and guide the conceptual and expressive development of new brands and products before they were introduced to the market.

Providing a number of integral services—ranging from concept development and brand insights, to visual design, packing design, structural design of bottles, and launch campaigns—we helped boost the image and value of brands such as Imperial, Salta, Santa Fe, Bieckert, and Palermo, among others.

In the past few years, Interbrand has built a fruitful and collaborative relationship with CCU. A track record that has built trust and confidence allows us to get deeply involved in the company’s proceedings and problems. In fact, we not only offer branding solutions, but have also become a strategic partner to CCU’s marketing department, as well as the company’s R&D, implementation and trade departments.