Cinépolis gets a full brand optimization program.






Based in Mexico, Cinépolis is the biggest cineplex chain in Latin America, and fifth in the world.

Cinépolis offers options ranging from the traditional movie theater, to VIP theaters with a wait staff and sushi, to Imax and 3D films.

After a deep evaluation of the customer’s drivers and the relevant industry facts learned through a brand valuation process, we created a distinctive offer that fully communicated the Cinépolis experience.

Based on the brand essence “Vive el cine” (“Live Cinema”), the strategy positions Cinépolis as the leader and pioneer of an immersive movie experience. It elevates the costumer journey to the next level, where a viewer can experience movies with all of his or her senses.

Interbrand developed a graphic system that incorporates and unifies applications through the use of the traditional Cinépolis colors and the highly recognized brand trademark of the star formed by 35mm film.