Squaring the circle

We helped Círculo de Lectores increase customer satisfaction.





Círculo de Lectores

Despite Circulo's broad offerings, it had a reputation for selling only cheap best-sellers, rather than quality books. Over the last four years, the forty-year-old bookstore brand lost 200,000 subscribers to retail stores like Fnac and El Corte Inglés.

We defined a comprehensive brand strategy to increase customer loyalty and expand the brand’s retail stores, reading clubs, and training programs.

To further this initiative, we created a bright and contemporary visual identity to connect Círculo’s customers with each other as well as the brand. The new visual identity uses the sign of “OK” and pairs it with the slogan “Haz el Círculo” or “Do the Circle.”

Authors from around the world have been featured on the cover of Círculo’s bi-monthly magazine “doing the circle.”

Círculo’s brand refresh marked a new chapter for the company. Its twenty-four stores were unified and its new strategy increased personal pride in the brand culture and its brand values.