Diet sodas get extra fizz

We helped drive Cadbury Schweppes’ sales.





Cadbury Schweppes

Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages (CSAB) wanted to merchandise four diet soda brands – Diet 7UP, Diet A&W Root Beer, Diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale, and Diet Sunkist – as a family.

It wished to play on a newly harvested consumer insight of “change your mood, change your style change your flavor" and position itself as an alternative to the typical, women's diet soda routine.

We leveraged our worldwide network of creative thinking and produced a family design theme that allowed easy depiction of the flavor variations – one for each mood.

When CSAB’s four brands hit the shelf, total volume sales saw an 8.1 percent increase over the year prior. Best-selling Diet Sunkist celebrated a 14 percent increase.

We were quickly commissioned to extend the look to seven more diet brands.

Now that’s refreshing news!