Putting the shoppers’ concerns first

With our help, Carrefour achieved astounding growth.






Carrefour is the world’s second largest – and Europe's largest – retailer of groceries and consumer goods. The group operates four main formats, hypermarkets, supermarkets, hard discount, and convenience stores and carries 87 items on the shelf.

In 2005, Carrefour asked us to help launch a 3rd generation of products that would mix the lowest prices in each market with a socially responsible slant. Carrefour quickly understood that the private label would nourish interest in the store and further leverage the Carrefour brand.

We identified three major shopper expectations that informed our packaging design. First, shoppers expected Carrefour to be fast and efficient. Second, beyond a low price, they also desired attention and creative expression. Third, the new premium brand must anticipate new expectations like ethical issues and exclusivity.

Based on these shopper insights and additional research, Carrefour reorganized its offer into three categories: Carrefour for Everyday, Carrefour Agir (organic and ethical products), and Carrefour Selection (premium products).

The square system we created emphasizes quality and multiplicity. It also gave each of the categories a distinctive look that also corresponded with the larger master-brand.

Carrefour for Everyday included over 8,000 products and was given key shelf space, often on eye level. We used fresh colors and an information layout based on the square system. The Everday brand’s sub-categories – Carrefour Baby, Carrefour Kids, and Carrefour Lite – corresponded seamlessly with the brand architecture.

The simple materials and form of the Carrefour Agir packaging manifests the sub-brand’s organic contents and ethical concerns. The philosophy is further leveraged through a clean, square organizational system that conveys essential information about the product.

A mix of classical and unexpected graphics was used to convey Carrefour Selection’s premium, upscale range. The typography and use of the color black further emphasizes the label’s subtle sophistication.

After the launch of the private label brands, Carrefour sales increased by more than 10 percent in France and it looked to us again to help with global in-store communication and way-finding, merchandising concepts, structured analysis of shopper patterns, and hypermarket layout models.

Our vision of Carrefour made the shopper the "New Store Hero." We created four guiding principles to achieve this, including reducing store complexity, optimizing shopping time requirements, increasing shopper contribution, and improving efficiency of in-store communication.

With our help, Carrefour reduced shopper times, increased basket sizes, maximized premium product range sales, and improved its credibility and perceived professionalism.

Carrefour saw an astounding increase of 35 percent in product turnover at Carrefour, within formats with surface areas below 9,000 m². Good news for Carrefour – and good news for us.