A fresh approach to digital learning

We created a breakthrough name to sit at the intersection of high tech and “high five”






Cengage is a leading provider of innovative teaching, learning and research solutions for the academic, professional and library markets worldwide. Cengage’s latest innovation was poised to transform their vast storehouse of electronic learning material including textbooks, encyclopedia articles, and primary source documents into a cloud-based resource that would personalize learning for students and give educators options to customize and design coursework. Making it possible for students to review and mark up articles and other media via computer, tablet or smartphone and allowing educators to track student progress and adapt materials to their lesson plans digitally, Cengage’s solution was set to take education into the 21st Century.

Cengage’s breakthrough offer warranted a differentiated name and a clear story that would resonate with their sales representatives, customers and consumers. The right name would sit at the intersection of high tech and “high five,” balancing the technological aspect of the solution with its intuitive, people-centric features. Combining a reference to the intellect with an active, humanizing term that evokes technology and implies touch, connection, reach and access, “MindTap” encapsulates the promise and possibilities of a new digital learning tool that allows users to “tap” into an extensive library of apps and academic content “anytime, anywhere.”

Launched at a TED conference in early 2011, MindTap represents a fresh approach to online learning, and the name reflects that. While human in its tonality, its “tap” metaphor suggests the breadth and depth of knowledge that this highly personalized digital learning system offers.