Chandon Délice, innovating the category

A fresh take on sparkling wine





Chandon Délice

Chandon is one of the most recognized brands of sparkling wine in international markets, and belongs to the prestigious French winery and champagne producer, Moët & Chandon. Hoping to make a splash in the sparkling wine category, Chandon approached Interbrand to design a label for a new product, Délice,

Developed to be sweeter, fresher, and easier to drink than competing products, Chandon thought Délice could be a differentiator. The company was interested in presenting Délice as a cool, modern alternative to the more traditional products in Chandon’s existing range. Aware that the brand was facing a market that had evolved considerably in 2011, Interbrand saw an opportunity to reassert Chandon’s leadership through strategic design.

The challenge Chandon brought before us was a big one: to achieve a connection between the brand—historically linked to luxury and formal celebrations—and everyday or more intimate, casual moments. The idea was to stay true to the brand’s luxurious image, but create new associations and expand occasions for consumption beyond special events. The principle objectives were to destabilize patterns of consumption in the sparking wines category and convert Chandon Délice into a brand that younger consumers would find appealing.

With these objectives in mind, Interbrand developed a brand strategy that delineated the personality and essence of Délice as well as a product strategy that informed many aspects of the label design. “Feel Fresh, Feel Délice” was the concept we created to communicate that Chandon’s sparkling wine was a refreshing new product that satisfies modern tastes and sensibilities.

Carrying this sense of freshness and modernity through the design, we juxtaposed neon colors with serene pastels to simultaneously evoke vibrant sociability and quiet intimacy, high-energy experiences and mellow moods. When devising this color palette, we drew inspiration from fashionable trends to ensure relevance, but deviated from category norms to set Chandon Délice apart.