A new look, a bold step forward

Enhancing the positioning of an eminent financial services brand





China Merchants Securities

China Merchants Securities Co., Ltd., a securities company owned by China Merchants Group, was founded in August 1991. Over more than two decades of development, the organization has firmly established itself among China’s top ten most valuable companies. China Merchants Securities (CMS) provides investors with a full range of securities, investment and financing services such as securities broking, offering and underwriting, mergers and acquisitions, asset restructuring, financial advisory, asset management, and investment consultancy.

Beginning in 2004, CMS began to actively communicate the idea that “practical experience makes one insightful” both internally and externally. This communication effort helped the public understand CMS’s offer and value. However, because the value was still too abstract, CMS needed to take its communication efforts to another level. In addition to assistance with positioning, CMS needed a clearer, more visual interpretation of its offer.

In 2009, Interbrand developed new positioning and a visual identity system for CMS that optimized the brand’s logo and updated the company’s image. The new logo design inherits the brand’s emblematic “M,” but enhances the vertical elements of the letter, making them more prominent. The golden curve element under the “M” conveys stability, while the upward swing of the curve implies forward progress. The bold gold and red color combination and glossy, 3D effects root CMS in traditional Chinese culture, but also portray CMS as a modern brand that is committed to change and expanding globally with confidence, creativity and dynamism.

The updated logo, the refinement of the retained classic “M,” and the revised brand elements are now better integrated to express a forward-facing financial industry brand. Detailed management tools have been applied throughout the implementation process, helping to guarantee the success of the new brand.