Everything is Illuminated

A former electric monopoly learns to shine despite new competition.





Chubu Electric Power

But electricity distribution in Japan was evolving from a network of regional monopolies to a competitive environment where retail customers could choose among several providers. Regional incumbents, like Chubu Electric Power, realized a need to show customers a friendlier, more contemporary face.

We created a new visual identity to clearly communicate Chubu’s aspirations in a new era. The symbol we designed makes the “C” in Chubu into a flower petal – a friendly icon of growth and development. By clustering five petals in a moving array we illustrated the dynamism of the five prefectures in Chubu’s home region as well as the various sources of electrical power. The progression of bold color tones represents the enthusiasm behind Chubu Electric power and the fulfilled desires of its customers.

Today, Chubu Electric Power beams brighter than ever.